The Heart's A Lonely Hunter

The Truth is unspoken, a promise is broken
I'm under surveillance, they know what my name is
I need some protection, some love and affection
There's 1,000 reasons, but one is the number

Welcome to my spaceship
It's beautiful forever
She's right here where you left her
The heart's a lonely hunter

Save bottles of water, flour and sugar
Turn off the AC, hang up the bed sheets
Cover up the windows, careful where the light goes
Yank out the cable & blow out the candle

Welcome to my spaceship
You're beautiful forever
She's right here where you left her
And the heart's a lonely hunter

Perfectly molded - almost unfolded
Under the counter - well, that is your nature
Drip grind or roasted - buttered or toasted
The greater the db's - the higher the AC

Pyscho acoustics - down in the back seats
Stereo nation - amplification
The brave and the righteous, they're safe in their houses
Now one is just a number, and the heart's a lonely hunter

One is the number - Heart is a hunter
One is a number - Heart is a hunter


Vocals: David Byrne
Horns: Rick Harris
Tabla: Frank Orrall
Percussion: Rene Ibanez
All other instruments: Rob Garza and Eric Hilton

Recorded at The Consulate in Washington, DC
Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Engineered by Chris 'Stone' Garrett

Published by Garza y Hilton Musica / Malu Music DBA, Moldy Fig Music

DB appears courtesy of Nonesuch Records

Album © 2005 ESL Music

June Radio David Byrne Presents: Here Lies Love Musical Inspirations

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